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My New Sled w/Katsu (Makita copy) Router Trimmer

It’s been a while in the making as life keeps getting priority, but I have now completed my new sled, and currently sit here in trepidation about whether it’ll work or not!

Actually, I test ran all three axises a month or so ago and all checked out, so I contiinued with the build. I’ve cobbled together my sled and x-axis lift pretty much from scrap and off cuts. I found the lead screw for the lift from a scrapped drill press depth stop (nice brass nuts!), two microswitches from an old PC mouse, the STOP button is from a childs toy (they didn’t want it anymore, honest!) and the stainless ring was part of a cot, until I turned it into a circle. I found a couple of old bearings in a spares box and hey presto!

The extract attachment is from some other tool, but seemed to fit well. Most of the sawdust spoils will fall due to gravity towards the vacuum. I’ve also put a polycarb screen around the router and lift arrangment to help contain dust and chippings a bit.

Looking through a thread earlier today I realised I’d neglected to add my weights, so I popped those and now I think she’s ready to go!

I’ve got a steel cable I intend to hook up to the chains a few links away from the sled so that in the event of a failure of attachment this should catch the sled from a disasterous fall.

I’ve included two microswitches as hard stops for the x-axis, and the PANIC STOP button, which are connected to a ribbon cable running back to the Arduino. If anyone has any ideas as to how I can connect this up and make it work I’m all ears and eyes ;¬)

You can just about see the microswitch behind the end mill (gotta love hot glue!).


Just Wow!

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Save the ‘wows’ until we now it works properly, but i have to confess, I’m quite happy with it as a scrap-bin challenge ;¬) there is something satifying about using up stuff you’ve kept for years, wondering what it might be useful for. This project consolidated a lot of my old tat!

That is totally beautiful! I can’t wait to see it in action.

As for getting the estop button and the safety limit switches working, if you file an issue in GitHub here: we can start the discussion about how to make it happen

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I suggest any Emergency Stop directly control the Power Supply going to the Maslow.


Are you comfortable working with Mains Power?

Thank you

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I love mains power, especially first thing in the morning!

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Alternately, for those not comfortable with mains, you can wire a pigtailed outlet with an emergency stop switch and plug that outlet pigtail into an existing outlet. Or wire the switch into the middle of a 12 gauge extension cord (I say 12 gauge as a safety factor, but 14 gauge would work if it’s not super long, like >50 feet)

All of that is working with Mains Power. I have a tutorial I’m working on to basically hack a power strip. Any time you are attaching to wire that will come in contact with Mains, it is working on mains wiring. As he is in the UK that is 220 ish. It has even deeper consequences for them. Many people I know in the UK will not work on Mains Power.

To cliff note this - and Arduino to a relay wired across the power in on the power strip. There are much more eloquent ways to do this and my tutorial goes into it. However this way the switch is never connected to Mains or High voltage and is only providing a ground.

Thank you

Ah, gotcha. Personally, though, I would rather use a mains disconnect switch rather than a relay to control the power. While I have never had a relay fail, there are several more failure points possible with a low voltage controlled relay used as a switch, whereas it is much less likely with a mains rated switch suitable for the current load to fail. It is also, in my opinion, easier to wire in an emergency stop switch to a power strip or extension cord.

something like this:

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I agree with your assessment. However If I were to build with a relay I’d design it to fail off. Chance of failure is much lower in fail off. The relay is held open by LV, the spst switch would be in line with LV ground. Many of the remote controlled power strips discussed in several threads here have to option to fail on or off.

my 2 cents

Thank you

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She’s up and running!

I’ve attempted a test cut, only to discover my z-axis polarity reversed, so the travel distances were 4mm deep, but the test cuts were non-existant :¬)

The extract seems to work well, the polycarb shroud contains most of the chippings. I was tearing a 4mm gorge through OSB and it caught most of it - not bad as a test ;¬)
I was using a triple fluted up spiral 7/32" bit from Yonico, and it dealt with the canyon gouging task rather well, no immediate signs of overheating.
The sled and weight and balance seems great so far. Sled comes in at a smidge over 5Kg and the two (never before used) dumbell weighs bring it up to a neat 10Kg.
The Katsu (Makita copy) router trimmer seems to love it, but lets give it a few days of ripping before we get too carried away ;¬)


Today a new Maslow is born in the UK!

Wow, this time last year I didn’t even have a garage, now I have a garage with a Maslow CNC machine. Life is good. My first robot, MWAHAHAHAHA! ;¬)

The Makita copy deals with the task well, the extract works a treat, and the frame seems staunch.

I’ve started using Yonico milling bits, and have a 1/4" up cut, the same again with a low helix, and the one I’m using for test cutting is a 7/32" triple flute upcut, which cuts well, but is leaving significant tearout fluff in the OSB, but it’s OSB! The bits are realatively inexpensive and have good reviews. I’m getting them shipped from the States, so they may be readily available on your side of the pond.

Thank you all (@thecommunity) so much for your help in getting me to this point, I hope I can now start to feed the community as I learn the ropes of this CNC malarky and start ripping out ideas. There is definately a snowboard in me waiting to be realised, and maybe even a sauna!

@Bar, you’re a legend sir, I hope one day to share a beer in your company.


I know this is an old post but if you are wanting to make a snowboard, check out It’s a really great community and ALL the info on making ski’s or a board can be found there. I have made 3 so far, all without a CNC unfortunately. I think I will be cutting my bases and cores on the maslow though. It will be really helpful with mold making as well (I use a vac mold with ribs in the contour of the board etc.
See ya


did you ever get the micro limit switches to work?

if you understand german this is a good video comparing the makita to the clone. clone obviously uses a different motor, which is basically all the router is. so althought it looks the same performance is different.

No, unfortunately not, but got it all located and wired, but never connected. As such it’s just tucked out of the way. I’m sure I’ll upgrade that first sled at some point. Currently trying to dial-in the z-axis on second sled - using the Katsu rack and pinion lift system and a third Maslow motor.

Hi mcmiley,
I’d like to use the same router, I’vent built yet my Maslow but I want to consider every parts before starting.
Can you give me more details about your modification with Katsu router? Did you solve the Z-axis problem?
Please give me your feedback about your choice.

Thank you for your help.
Merry Christmas to everyone :blush: