Need to seriously address the commercial brace situation

The title of this topic is misleading.
Change to something"woodclamps"
Delete “Need seriosly to address this”


Not a bad idea. Thanks.

I think that we would possibly yes, the wooden threads seem difficult to make at first blush

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Thank you I appreciate your support!

Going low tech isn’t always a bad idea, I just bought a dewalt mittre saw, and it doesn’t have a laser, it’s worklight is behind the saw blade, so the shadow shows you the saw line, independant of the thickness of the blade, and it shows both sides of the blade. Maybe i’m bragging, or i’m really happy with my new tool.

It kinda bothers me that this get shot down this quickly. Ok maybe the tone of the original message wasn’t what we normally see here, but hasn’t anyone heard of sarcasm??

Point is, there might be a well designed wooden wood clamp that works better then some metal ones.

These are kinda for one specific goal, and aren’t easily cnc’ed, but better at what they do then anything i’ve seen in a store (they do sell the metal parts as a kit if you’re interested, but i feel they are too easy to make justify buying a set)

ps: love the tone of your original message, humor is an art, and not not everyone gets or likes all art.


Do you have a link to those? That clamping setup looks awesome. I have an end table project in mind that would benefit from using it, and it looks like something the Maslow could easily make (at least the wooden parts)


I wouldn’t say that this got shot down. Not everyone saw the value in it, but enough people did see value so it’s still a viable idea. It seems like a Community Garden project would be a good container for those who are interested to collaborate.

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I must tell you that finally old scaffolding wood I have been collecting are given a purpose.
That it is not ‘cncable’ is challenged.
I do not understand the clamping mechanism and would love it to see it in action or explained :heart_eyes:

Edit:Ok if that is a threaded rod it front, I get it now seeing the spanner :man_facepalming:


Another type that is most definently made to cnc

This is how the parts come together on the other ones

And a link to buy them, doesn’t seem like a good deal, $250 for 3 clamps that would cost $25 to make yourself quite easily.

@Gero i’m not saying that they can’t be cnc’ed, i meant that drilling a row on holes in a 2x4,and then sawing it lengthwise isn’t the fastest on a cnc, and a real easy job by hand

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If you really want some very effective, powerful and simple clamming force, get some continuous rubber band material or latex tubing. Each wrap adds more clamping power with very little danger of harming the work. To keep it from unraveling you simply tuck in the last wrap.

For large surface area clamping a vacuum pump and sheet plastic is amazing. The rubber band material works great for sealing the plastic around the hose to the pump.

As far as all wood clamps I don’t see the cost savings. That was the whole idea behind the Maslow CNC after all.

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