New Unistrut build - critical dimensions

@bar will have to supply details, but I’m assuming it’s similar to what @gero is
fighting. Inaccuracy across the top and/or not able to get to the top center.

David Lang


I think I’ll be doing the frame initially without building the fancy skirt yet. Need to let some ideas percolate for a bit I think when I have the basics set up.

I am pondering the left and right skirts to slide along the unistrut and frame and tighten with knobs. That would require the unistrut slot to face outwards thought. But they could then be used as clamps for the piece being cut. Of course thickness changes have to be considered. Of course who knows how often I’d be working right on the edge or bottom. I’m trying not to get way to ahead of myself when I don’t even have my kit yet, but finding that a struggle. :slight_smile:

I’ll be happy to share my findings and what I come up with of course. I greatly appreciate those that do so for me as well!