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Newbie need some info please

I’m about to take ownership of Maslow Basic and first mod will be the Z upgrade. But first things first.
Knowing the kinematics are basically 2 syncronised sweeping arcs, I’m assuming the mounting of motors or moreover the centre of the drive gears is reasonably critical to the outcome accuracy.

From the bottom of the wasteboard, what’s the latest and greatest dimensions for mounting the x - y motors.

Also when calibrated correctly what’s the accuracy like and is there a sizes that accuracy diminishes

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You are basically correct. The kinematics are a little more complicated than that since we take into account the way in which the chains leave the gears at a slightly different position as the sled moves around and the effect of gravity on the chains.

The measurement of the spacing between the motors is so critical that we actually found that its too precise to be measured by hand. Instead we use a calibration process where the machine makes a series of cuts and you measure those. Based on those cuts the machine computes the distance between the motors.

If you are looking for a rough number for planning around 3000mm is the default spacing.

Thanks for getting back to me Bar. That makes a lot of sense to have the software do a test cut measure and recalculate off the resulting measurements. I have two gantry style cnc routers and that’s how you calibrate them rather simple as gantry style has more constants. Difference with the Maslow though is all the additional variables, such as chain weight, coefficientcy of friction on the sled, counter weight weight and positioning etc, etc. The 3000mm looks like the original design measurement however some larger spacing seem to be giving better outcomes. Perhaps more needs to be done within the software e.g a test cut of a circle in the centre of wasteboard then the same circle cut in each of the corners, the resulting measurements entered to then allow for compensation calculations. I understand the original brief of a low cost bang for your buck design and it’s brilliant, The key for me will come with software advancements heck I’d pay $50-$100 for smart controller software that would take the Maslow to the next level

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