Open builds ER11 Router

I know there is on-going talk about routers came across this today. Not sure if it is a viable option or not

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that looks like the router (except for the color) that Lowes is selling for a
list price of $99, with people finding in-store prices of $69 and some reports
of even $39

I’ve purchased a couple of them for maslow use.

David Lang

My experience with most of those off brand routers is that they are mostly loosely redone knockoffs of the Makita router and aren’t particularly good.

They are dirt cheap though which is a selling point.

I bought several to test because I figured if they were even half way decent it could be worth designing the machine around them, but I wasn’t particularly impressed.

Maybe some of them are better than others but it seems so easy to just shoot off an email and get your logo put on some random one that I bet most of them are the same inside.

I wish that they were good because we would sell one, but in my opinion the DeWalt that we recommend is noticeably better than these.

Ryan at V1E has contacts and context with the Engineering/Product team behind the Kobalt Router, consider chatting with him for his perspective on the Router. Consider exploring a mutually beneficial way to de-risk by partnering stock and/or drop ship something you like (e.g. 65mm instead of the current 65.75mm body), at a price point that makes sense for either, or both of you, and misc CNC communities.