Possible Open-source Maslow Remote-view App and Computer Vision Alarm

My name is Cale, I’m a software and computer engineer, and I bought a Maslow because I need to get a better circular hand-route than I’m doing for a Greentech product and I need to be able to assemble parts for a product for a startup while the boards cut. My tolerance needs are so low that Maslow is perfect, but having to watch for the machine getting stuck sounds like a machine’s job. I’ve taken AI classes in college but am still a bit of a newb, but I’m down. I am very good with Embedded-C++1x if anyone needs assistance.

My other ideas for the app would be Cross-platform C++ core with C ABI with mobile and PC and options for SPI IO boards for Android so we can add a temperature and smoke sensor.

My other slightly unrelated question is has anyone made a sled for Maslow out of thick metal? Seems to me like the bricks don’t give even pressure. I bet it would be pretty cheap. Maybe we could make a sed with mounts for said app and alarm?


Here is a link to a metal sled (how thick?) :slight_smile: ?

Currently it is not advised to leave the Malsow alone and even professional machines have an operator with them.
I would love to see developments in temperature and current sensors!
Smoke is a little to late to react, how I see it :wink:
A collaborative effort in security would defiantly be nice.

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I built a sled with the weight evenly distributed and found that the sled would rotate until it came against one of the rotation limits, and that caused inaccuracy for some movements. Having the weight low helps keep the attachments away from the end-stops.


As said above: if there is smoke it is too late… Best to check temperature on the bit (but how to attach the temperature sensor? Maybe using infrared heat detector?) and/or a ‘ember’-detection (visual detection)?
A ‘stuck’-detection could also be very useful. But how to detect it? Movement sensor might not be the best sensor, since vibration could still occur. So you are looking at a cam detecting movement, maybe even linked to the g-code to check if the sled is of track.

Ambitious project :slight_smile:

There are simple RPM arduino projects that can serve both, stuck and RPM.

I assume that you mean a hall-effect sensor? This is indeed a great idea!
But you have also: the sled is stuck, not the bit. This would be more difficult to detect.

Yes. To keep the spirit of MaslowCNC (affordable for masses) a cheap solution like this perhaps:

We already have a warning if the sled can’t keep up with the calculated position.
Guess this could be modified to ‘Turn all off’ in case of 0 movement.

metal sled to keep center of gravity low is the best way to go, You can get a 1/4 steel circle off ebay for about $30 to $50 and since blurfl says you still need weighs in the corners, you can just add some metal bars to replace the metal bricks. OR have it laser cut so it is all one piece,

I’m on the breakout board. I’ve been on firmware for a year at this point and I’m SO down to make SPI breakout board. I 've got a whole bunch of soon to be open-sourced SPI breakout boards and LED light controllers called the AnyLED; which is like a supped up fade-candy with quicker to use connectors. I’m going to open-source this SUPER BAD-A*$ evaporative cooler too. This thing is the cooler evap cooler you’ll ever see!!! Just give me one more day to get the repos up, my C++ SDK and open-source organization take a bit to iterate through the files to update.

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