Sled ring chain height and weights

I have a sled I constructed based on the Meticulous-Z concept. Most of the pictures I have seen show the ring for the sled chain attachment at the upper limit of the brackets.

I have seen this tip from dlang several times in the forums: “the ring should be at a height so that when you hang it in mid-air by the chains, it is balanced, (or top tipping slightly towards teh sled side).”

I have my ring at the top and when I hold the sled, by the chains, it seems pretty balanced. However, when the sled is at the extreme sides of the work surface, the chain alignment with the motor sprockets is pretty radical and the chain is close to jumping.

I do not have weights on my sled ATM. If I lower the chain ring, I suppose the sled top would tip away when suspended. The total weight of sled w/o weights is ~23#. I have seen somewhere that close to 40 lbs. is recommended(?).

Is there any reason I cannot lower the sled chain ring (to improve chain alignment with sprockets) and add weights closer to the top of the sled to keep the desired balance? Any suggestions appreciated.

I think what you want in this case is to move the positioning of the motors to keep the chain in plane. It might seem like more of a hassle to change the frame, but in the long term my hunch is that adjusting the motors is going to be the way to go.

Thanks for the response. I was thinking of moving the motors as an option.

Is there a total weight target for the sled assembly?

I think around 20lb is good. Heavier is better in the lower corners of the sheet, but harder on the motors.