SOLD! Working system with a few extras for sale, North Seattle -- $420

Very low hours, only a few sheets of cutting.

With Z axis, bolt together frame, 3d printed chain guides, alignment tools, arduino mount (not a full enclosure but better than a few screws and standoffs), larger and offset shock cord pulleys. It even Comes with spare motor (see my previous post in hardware – that one is still working like a champ, no issues).

So, everything but the router. $420

Will help you load if you come with a truck.

Why? WHY!? indeed, why…

How I love the system, my priorities have changed and it is not getting much use. It is sad to see it sit there, it needs new home with someone who will feed it lots of good wood and give it the jobs it needs to have a productive life.

Also have a linear actuator to use as an improved Zee if you’d like that, it is $100.
One of these:
Priority shifted right about when I was starting to get that thing on a sled and the router mounted.

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Where re you located?

Bothell, Nike Hill.

Have one in line ahead of you from Craigslist. Will let you know if it is sold this weekend.