Top bar length 12'?

Is anyone using the metalmaslow recommended top bar width of 12’? They state it helps with cutting accuracy at the corners but wondering if that costs you anywhere else on the 4x8 area if so or if it really is an all around improvement

thanks for any input


in theory it could hurt you a little in the top center, but the benefit on the
edges is so large that you can move it up a few inches and end up with better
accuracy everywhere. The cost is the added width and height.

David Lang

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Thanks David,

I’m just getting started and built the frame before I ran across that post. I can still add a 12’ beam on top, but vertical height may now more problematic to add. If I can only go 12’ wide without the extra 1’ in height think it’s still worth it? Afraid to get that extra height I would screw up the frame stability without starting over.

I did order the metalmaslow and zaxis upgrade based on the great reviews I’d seen so that’s what I’d be using.

Thanks again for any guidance !

I think it’s worth it. remember you can always mount the workpiece a bit lower
as well, the key is the height between the workpiece and the top beam

David Lang

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@cwe6279 welcome to the forums!

@dlang What would you say the optimal height between the top beam, and the work piece would be? Bought my 12’ 2x4 a few days ago, but waiting on McMaster to deliver my chain extensions and master links.

Ok- I think I am going to lower the bottom support by adding a cross bar 6" below where the plywood backing normally sits (almost to the floor) and see if I can get 6" in addition from the top by positioning the piece that much lower. Thanks again!