Trust me! Feature

As a veteran of 3 days of Calibration, I like to make a feature request.

Can we have a “Trust Me” button to tell the system that it’s in the right home location rather than having to power down, retract all, extend, etc. ? An “Are you sure?” followed by a “Are you REALLY sure?” prompt could absolve you of any responsibility for the results.


I was also thinking there could be a “workspace home” That the machine could move to that is marked on the wasteboard. If you commanded it to move there and it landed on that spot, you could be reassured it didn’t get out of whack without realizing it. If it didn’t land on the mark, then you’d do a retract/extend to reset it.


a trick many people did with the older maslows was to drill a 1/4" hold in the
spoilboard at the home/0,0 position, you could then plunge the bit (with the
motor off) and see if it is in the hole


Addendum: There seems to be no way to pause the machine, lower the z setting, and then resume.

The result of trying it was this:

(Yikes! :scream: )

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