Webcontrol Troubleshooting questions

I deleted the original question but what I’m trying to determine is if there is a setting in WC that turns off the grid and the machine center position circle? Otherwise, I think I need to re-install WC on the raspberry pi.

In addition to the above, it is not connecting to the arduino and uploaded g code does not show for editing.

I plan to swap the raspberry pi with my laptop tomorrow to rule out the arduino firmware. If that works, I’ll probably re-install WC on the raspberry pi.

If I do decide to re-install WC, do I have to delete it from the Rpi or will it write over the old file? I guess I’m not sure how to delete it?


you do not need any gcode to be connected, and unless you are connected you
aren’t talking to the machine.

you need to get it connected before you do anything else.

David Lang

To connect webcontrol to the arduino, plug the arduino USB into the pi and then once you get the web page up, you go to settings-> maslow and select the serial port. On the raspberry pi it will be something like /dev/ttyUSB0 or /dev/ttyACM0 depending on your controller. Once connected, the upper right of the webcontrol screen will show green rather than red. If it says fakeservo, then it is in a simulation mode.

I forgot about that step. At first it didn’t work but then I moved the usb to a different port and it connected. Thank you!
I still have a display issue. I don’t have the workspace grid showing on the Rpi screen. I just logged into the Webcontrol via my laptop and it shows up on the laptop! Here is a picture. Does anyone have an idea why it would not show up on the Rpi screen but it does on my laptop when I log onto the webcontrol??

Update: I swapped out the monitor and I get the same results. So the signal from the Rpi is lacking the 4x8 cutting area graphics but it is showing up on my laptop thats logged into the Rpi. Strange??!!

There must have been something missing in my WC saved on the Raspberry pi. I couldn’t figure out how to delete it from the card using an uninstall so I thought what could it hurt to try to just write over it. I did and now it works!

oh I see. You are using a display on the raspberry pi? Depending on which model you are going with you may see some performance issues. I don’t have one on the pi and run it headless. I just connect over the web from my laptop or my phone and the pi just acts as the web server for the other devices that connect and control the maslow. For example, the laptop is the design system, so it is used to generate the design and then the gcode and then open a web page and upload directly to the raspberry pi. Once in the garage, a smartphone connected to the rpi web page will position the maslow home location and then start the cut.


Now I think I know what you are describing. When running this with the browser on the same computer running webcontrol, the browser auto launches. After loading and editing and restarting webcontrol on my Linux laptop a hundred times yesterday, I found that when it initiated the browser page for me on startup, it doesn’t always load completely especially if the USB doesn’t connect immediately. Simply refresh/reload the page. You know it is working if the action menu shows up when selected from the menu. No reinstall should be required, just give the server a second or two to completely start up.

I never experienced this before because I was running the server on one system and loading the page in a browser on another and the server start up time was never an issue because it took more time to go from one to the other than launching it locally.

After this issue and then noticing that my Rpi was running at 100% when in the desktop mode, I took your advice and run it as a server and now everything is working much better. The monitor on the Rpi is kind of fun because it displays the gcode as the unit is running…“all part of the show”.

I’m still a bit land locked with vehicles due to the fact I’m fixing a car for a friend but I did make one actual production part on it which is an ABS firewall block off panel which covers the hole where the factory HVAC fan was mounted and acts as a pass-through for the new AC and heater hoses. This is on my 71 Dodge Demon. The part could have been cut on my table saw but that would have been too easy. I wanted to raster the back side of it so it would have a 1/4" outer lip but the rest be 1/8" thick. I quickly learned that I need to look into the settings I have in Easel for bit clearance and how that relates to my physical “zero” in webcontrol because my panel ended up being much thinner and when I noticed it making the last pass, it was removing the tabs! Pretty exciting though to have it actually work!

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