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Weekend cuts - Vacuum setup - incremental progress


So, I managed to get some time this weekend to play with the Maslow and cut some brackets fomy vacuum system:
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The top bracket was accidentally cut using too aggressive a DOC (depth of cut) for the 1/8" bit I was using. The accident was that I originally did CAM for a 3/8" diameter bit to cut a single bracket, so the DOC was .125", but I redrew to nest two brackets which needed to be cut with the 1/8 bit to clear the parts, but the maslow couldn’t cut through the material (delrin) fast enough and resulted in the warped part shown above. Reducing the DOC to .06" corrected the problem nicely, and fortunately I had just enough material to cut out a third bracket

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And despite the tab not having support, the rest of the tabs held the part in place:
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And installed:
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I also managed to get a new pen drawing attachment built, but haven’t had a chance to test it yet:
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And that’s my rambling Monday morning post!


That is a really cool design. How well is it working for you? I was always thinking I needed an enclosure of sorts but this is a slick option.

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Nice idea cutting hold down brackets. Cutting objects like that opens up the usefulness of the Mazlow!


I haven’t actually had a chance to test the vacuum system yet. I am excited to not have so much cleaning to do, but at least this time around my son was super excited to help me vacuum the whole workshop, so yay for a clean workshop!

I’ll report back when I get a chance to cut again.


That is awesome, my little one is still a bit too little to help clean the shop. Can’t wait for some good quality time cleaning hahaha

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Great job! I love your design! Do you have a link for the blue, flexible tubing, fitting & nozzles?


Looks like this is the stuff!:


That’s the stuff. I used 3/4" diameter, but the bend radius is pretty large. I read a few places online that 1/2" does fine for machines like the shapeoko, so would probably also work well for the Maslow. Fortunately, the 3/4" had just enough bend to make it to the bit in my case


Have you been able to do any cuts? How is it working out?


So, I’ve had mixed results. I have found that the combination of the bit spinning and the blower effect of the router shoots a lot of chunks out away from the vacuum. I think that larger ports would solve that problem, but I’d likely have to design and print them myself since Locline doesn’t have anything appropriate. That said, it works great for the smaller wood dust and for the foam that I cut. And it did reduce the amount of saw dust on the floor. I am going to call it a work in progress for now :slight_smile: