What's Your Chain Sag and Rotational Radius

I’d like to know what people are getting for the chain sag correction value and rotational radius. If you are inclined, please post:

  1. Chain sag value
  2. Rotational Radius
  3. Type of linkage kit (ring, wooden, metal)
  4. Indicate how well you think your Maslow is calibrated (provide benchmark scores if you have them)



Chain sag: 37.102165
Rotational radius: 137.6
Ring kit.

I just changed sled and recalibrated. Also did benchmark with average of 1.3

So far this calibration has resulted in greater accuracy. Motor distance was measured shorter this calibration by 8mm to a total of 3001.64


Chain sag value: 12
Rotational Radius: 138.14
Type of linkage kit (ring, wooden, metal): ring
how well I think my Maslow is calibrated

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