Who want's to teach me 2D CAD?

Seriously - I know 3D well enough to cause trouble and can make a mess with a laser cutter in Corel Draw. I however upon laying out a design for the Maslow in 3D have discovered it is not as simple as saying 3D export to 2D. At least I think I see what needs to be done. I need someone that can check me and tell me if I’m getting it wrong.

This is a project that I need to do off Camera until I get it right for various reasons.

Thank you

going from 3d to 2d is a pain, that’s why I’ve been doing the drawing projections and/or screenshots as appropriate.

I’m choosing to use onshape for my 3d work and am willing to help you along with that, I don’t currently have a good 2d cad that I like enough to recommend it.



I appreciate that.

Thank you

If you can get your hands on a copy of autodesk inventor, it will do the 3d to 2d for you