Z axis motor upgrade

Last week I tipped over sled and the z axis motor was damaged. Would be couple weeks until I could purchase a new one from Maslow store. So I found a replacement on Amazon which moves alot faster.

Material: Metal
Color: Silver
Rated Voltage: 12V
Voltage Range: 6-18V
No-load Speed: 66RPM
Load Speed: 58RPM
No-load Current: 120mA
Load Current: 350mA
Stall Current: 3A
Torque: 8kg.cm
Reduction Ratio: 90:1
Gearbox Size(DL): 37x24mm/1.46x0.94inch
Motor Size(D
L): 37x50mm/1.46x1.97inch
Shaft Size(D*L): 6x15.5mm/0.24x0.61inch
Encoder Cable Length: 20cm/7.87inch
Gross Weight: Approx. 289g

When in the z axis menu it was moving opposite from direction I clicked. So I changed pitch to - value. Was moving quite a bit farther than intended so I adjusted pitch value until it only moved the 5mm I had it set. Which ended up being -40. Then when I press set zero it plunges instead of retracting. So I reset it to zero position and changed pitch to positive.

Is this going to effect anything when I run the Maslow?
Was this the only setting I should have changed to adjust for new motor?

Here’s pic of how it’s set up


I don’t have the answer for you, but could you please share the Amazon Link for the motor?

Thank You!

Ok I seemed to have fixed the problem. I switched the green and orange wires. (Hall sensor) motor spins slower now but still faster than stock z axis and no issues with it running while chain motors run. Z axis pitch was 2 with stock z axis bit -4 seems to be the sweet spot here.


Did you have to modify the stock mounting bracket to install the replacement? It looks like there is a replacement bracket available on amazon if needed… Unfortunately, I did almost exactly what occurred to you, wherein my sled tipped over and damaged the z axis motor :frowning:

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Yeah I put bracket in vice and bent forward some. Also had to reem the slots on the bracket to mount to the slide.