Z-Axis Motor failed test

Hi, I have my Maslow since June 2018 and last week the z-axis begin to not grab the zero position and when I hit return to center the z-axis change is position every time I do it. I hit the “Test motors” in the Ground Control and only the z-axis failed the test.
Do I have to replace the motor or it can be another problem? And if I need to get a new one do I have to order it on Makermade site? Is the motor that is sold by Makermade is the same and fit on my kit?

I’m going to guess that there is a pretty high probability that with those symptoms you are just seeing a loose cable connecting to the z-axis. I would try unplugging and re-plugging that cable on both ends and see if the issue goes away.

Ok thanks bar, I will try this.

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Hi bar, I try unplugging and re-plugging that cable and same problem. The motor make noise that I didn’t ear before. I opened the gear box and every thing seams working fine, I tried the test without the gear box and encoder cover open to watch and, same problème…

Can you send a picture with the cover off?

That all looks pretty good. I don’t see anything visually wrong under there.

I’know… I switched the z axis motor with the left one on the back of the board and make the motor test and this way is the left motor who failed the test. So I don’t think is the board. Do yo know a similar replacing part that is sold on amazon or I have to order it on makermade site? Thanks again bar.

Happy to help, I’m sorry I haven’t told you anything conclusive. There isn’t really a drop in replacement available on amazon so makermade might be the best way to go. I haven’t really seen an encoder fail before when there wasn’t something physically wrong with it.

Thanks bar, I will order a new one at Makermade. I’ll post an update when I replace it.

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Hi, I bought a brand new kit from MakerMade CNC. Im here in South Africa. This weekend i finally got time setting everything up and from the get go my Z-axis didnt work at all. No movement and failing tests
@bar @makermadecnc.

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What do you see on the tests if you swap the wire from the z-axis with the left motor?

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I have found my self in the same situation and I read the trouble shooting. I would suggest to double check closely the cable connections as it is quite hard to spot a broken cable as seen on the picture.

Hope it will help @M-Mo and @Hidden_Customs.

Hi thanks,

@MakerMadeCNC shipped me a new motor after I did all the tests without any success. I appreciate the post though. I went ahead and made new cables as spares also when testing.