12 Ft Maslow Cut List

Hey everyone,
I am building my Maslow after buying a metalmaslow.com kit. I wanted to modify the default frame for a 12 foot wide top with 30 inch separation but still use 2x4s for everything and change the length of as few beams as possible. I figured out that if you rearrange some pieces on the cut list all other stock lengths can stay the same. I created a new cut list and figured I would share.

Assembly instructions are same as the default. I have not yet built or tested this frame, so build at your own risk for now.



When I built mine I used two extra pieces to extend my top rail (12’). I didn’t know how high I was going to be able to go because of an angled ceiling.

I also ended up removing all the spacers between the uprights and cross bar. This brought the chains mostly parallel to the surface.

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