Making a smaller top beam for the default frame?

I have searched but have not really found a good recent relevant answer so I am going to ask.

I recently got my maslow kit and I have not built the frame yet. The space where I want to put it is 117" across. Can I make the frame smaller without much of an issue? I need to get it to fit within that 117" span, and about 7’ tall. What must I do?


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The Maslow is scalable. Use as much of the 117" as you can. The downside of downscaling is that you will be not that accurate on the outer edges of a full plywood sheet, but can still cut amazing things in the centre or out of half sheets.

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see the spreadhsheet at

make a copy of it and put in your dimensions, it will show you the min and max
forces available to you. this will give you an idea of how much worse it will be
in the bottom corners and top center, and you can then adjust the workpiece size
until the forces are the same as stock, and that will give you an idea of the
max size piece you can work on.

David Lang


HOLY CANOLI, that spreadsheet looks like it is super helpful but I am a bit lost in it.