2 sided engraved penguin sign

Here’s my first major project on my Maslow. My sister runs a Kona Ice truck, so I decided to make her some signs to point customers in the direct of her truck. Since I can’t paint anything free handed, I engraved both sides of the sign so I could “color in the lines”… It took approx 2 hr. to engraved the first side & approx. 3 hr. to engraved & do the full depth cut on the 2nd. side. I learned a lot with this project. I had the base of my sign too close to the corners of the MDF sheet, so they weren’t very accurate & I had to cut the base down a little.

Youtube time-lapse video:

Oops too close the the corners…

Before sanding & cleanup

After sanding & cleanup


Side by side, before paint & after (sorry bad lighting)


Very nice job. We need to collaborate on some things. The whole reason I bought the cnc is to do this type of thing for my Christmas displays.


Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!


Impressive! And that’s with the older bracket system. I love how you stepped down some surfaces - I never thought to do that. You have any special painting technique or just paint the pockets?

You set up the g-code file yourself off an image? That seems daunting and time consuming for such a detailed cut like this. Would you mind sharing a quick summary of your process for prepping your g-code?

PS: I think you might need a softer chair to sit and watch it cut - perhaps a nice lazy boy…

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A really good start! I love that this project shows off the pocketing capability of the Maslow. I think a lot of people are thinking of the Maslow mostly as a device for making flat cutouts.

I’m interested in what, if anything, you did to ensure proper registration (alignment) of the images on the two sides, and any issues you encountered.

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that is spectacular! Definitely a POTW candidate!

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That is a really impressive build, and great documentation of the process! I love the side by side photo.

The project of the week bar has been set high this week :grin:

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I answered most of these questions over here:

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You can use a flame (cigarette lighter or similar) to burn off the MDF hairs for a smooth finish. Sanding just creates more hairs.