A few small projects

I’m still getting my Maslow dialed-in, but here are a couple things I have made so far.
First, our Westport CT Maker Faire this year is using the slogan “We Are Connecticut” (I’m not exactly a fan of that, but I have to be a team player ;))
I cut this sign so we can photograph various people holding it for our social media promotions:

Next, my wife asked “Why are you building this? What’s it for” and after I tried to explain she said “Maybe you can cut out a heart” so I made her this:

Lastly, just today I needed a part to help position the laser pointer for an X/Y projector I made (again, Maker Faire stuff) so I jumped into Inkscape and drew a quick piece, then had the Maslow cut it:

At least I know how I will be making Christmas presents for people this year!


Neat stuff! It’s nice to see small-ish parts along with all the huge pieces people cut out. Maslow is starting to look more versatile as time goes on.

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Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing, seeing everyone making things is absolutely my favorite thing