A Plexiglass Coating for a Low Friction Sled

Plexiglass dissolves in acetone. I don’t know what ratio, but my mixture is a little thicker than water. I’ve painted several coats on the bottom of the plywood sled and sanded between each coat with 220. It makes for a hard and smooth surface. It dries quickly and it’s very cheap.

It’s a trick wood turners use to make pens from exotic woods.


Oooohhh that is cool!

Interestingly, that’s what they use for bone cement during orthopedic surgery.

where did you pick up a fact like that?

5 knee surgeries and a good chunk of sofa time for wasting on the internet. I learned about fungal and bacterial joint infections the hard way, so you don’t have to :slight_smile:

You’d think that moose have enough leg redundancy that one bum knee wouldn’t be an issue, but it didn’t work out that way. Still improving, though

PMMA wouldn’t have been my first guess for osteoadhesive, have to wonder who tried it first

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Sorry about the knees. That sounds confining. Glad to hear you are improving. The recovery tends to be long on those. I knew that specially etched titanium will allow bone growth on it because of a conversation I had with an oral surgeon about teeth implants because I’m a materials scientist, but knowing “what sticks to bone” isn’t a common fact thrown around. Thanks for sharing!

This is cool. I had no idea it worked with plexi. The 3D printing community uses ABS and acetone to do something similar to coat glass build plates. It can be painted and sanded as well.

For those with 3D printers (or if you have a friend with one) you probably have access to ABS scrap. Good way to use up what might otherwise be going in the trash. I’m going to give this a try when I finish my new sled.