Possible sled base material?

Still waiting on Maslow kit and decided to quit lurking.
I had an idea for a gliding surface for the sled.
A plastic cutting board from Sam’s Club.
15"x20"x1/2" $8.98

Will a 15" sled work?
I was thinking of cutting 1/2" plywood for all the top mount hardware and then attaching the cutting board with several (possibly 6 or 8) countersunk screws.
Round over the bottom edge of course.
The surface is slightly pebbled to reduce friction (research curling for more info on this :slight_smile: )
Let me know what you think.


if you are going to use plywood anyways, there is no point in using another 1/2" thick material under that. Now you have got a whole inch of space which is not needed. Better to just put in a very thin sheet of plastic under it 1/16 HDPE is cheap and the same material. if you want extra smooth use 1/16 UMHW but 3x the price.