Accuracy in the bottom corners

I have cut my first piece in a bottom corner and accuracy is pretty bad in the bottom right corner. It cuts great everywhere else just fine. My frame is the default frame design.

What you are seeing in the picture is a fleur de lis design which should be symmetrical and the sled did not reach the bottom right all the way. The chain started to sag a lot when it was reaching the bottom right.

Has anyone else that has had this problem resolved it? Is this expected and an inherent problem with the general design? I suspect this is due to the chain weight of the chain reaching diagonally across the entire 4x8.


You are correct in your diagnosis that it’s due to the long reach, and resulting
very low tension on the chain.

Reducing friction between the sled and the workpiece helps

it may help to tilt slightly closer to vertical

the best fix we have found so far is to replace the 10’ top beam with a 12’ one
(which requires longer chains as well).

David Lang

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Did your sled hit the clamp at the bottom right?

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Similarly to the tensioning system up top, maybe if bottom corners are expected to be cut we could use a bungy that’s quickly hooked when close enough to the “danger zone”. :top::gun::duck::snowflake::business_suit_levitating:

No the clamp was removed at the time of cutting.

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