Accuracy issue in the bottom right corner

This is happening only in the bottom right corner of my projects. What am I missing here? I went through the calibration process exactly as described in Makerverse, everything else seems to work fine.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Are you sure your bricks/hose are not hitting the frame or frame supports? when it goes that low?

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Can we get a zoomed out pic of the frame. I’m still running that version of the maslow. The chain angles and directional tension on the edges and corners impact the accuracy in these locations.

Some tips to help with accuracy at the edges.

Waxed slick bottom of the sled, I used UHMW plastic tape.

12’ beam on top raised higher, have to find the Excel sheet for optimal hight

Chains parallel to the work piece.

Going to a pulley weight system for taking up chain slack, over the spring

Correct frame angle

Chain guards to prevent skipping

Read up on the wiki if you haven’t yet.

I cut to the very edges and corners making my Arcade machine. Sometimes it still wanders on me.

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