Acrylic on Maslow

Has anyone tried cutting anything acrylic?
I’m sure it’s completely capable, with a change of a router bit, was just curious if anyone has tried it ?

@Cncreefer Welcome to our group.

It has been discussed. I’m unsure if there are any examples.

here is a thread -

Biased on another thread you posted similar to this. i suggest instead of cutting the expensive plastic you first cut a wood jig and use the jig for cutting your plastics.

Thank you

I tried to cut it using the wrong type of bit and found that it cut but that it wanted to melt some and that the edges weren’t as clean as I would have liked. I would recommend using the proper bit for cutting acrylic.

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Excellent, thanks guys ! I’ll definitely try it out on a jig first , and I’ve also heard your supposed to use a single flute for cast acrylic i might give that a try

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In my pre-retirement life, I was involved in a company that produced all sorts of large scale graphics for trade shows. museums, and corporate art. The CNC router was one of our most important tools for producing the really amazing things that designers dreamed up. Plexiglas and plastics were cut all the time. Although the blade choice is important, I am sure the spindle speed needs to be tuned as well to prevent melting. But I was the friendly sales guy, so I did not get to play with the hardware,

Although my focus is on carpentry, the world of CNC cutting is pretty amazing, In the large and grand format graphics industry we often used Plexiglas as a graphic or printing substrate, cutting the finished product after the graphics were applied or printed. 1/2" black or white dots were included with the imqge set-up and printed around the outside edge of the live area. A camera on the CNC system (called EyeCut) used the dots to line up the digital cut path with the about-to-be-trimmed graphics, creating amazing shapes, multi-layered graphics, or massive multi-panel displays with perfect matched seams. The plexi edges were silky smooth.

Good luck!