Cutting acrylic with eastbaysource maslow

Has anyone tried cutting acrylic ? any tips that might come in handy ? @EastBaySource

Not on the Maslow, but on the desktop-cnc.
First is the source/manufacture of the Acrylic,
Extruded is cheaper and might give more trouble on melting back, Cell cast acrylic is higher quality that I am using, and the best speeds and feeds on the desktop-cnc are determined by nice ‘snowflakes’ coming of the bit to take the heat away.
I have no idea, but with the slow speed of the Maslow and the far to high speeds of a router (changed to spindle for speed control) , I would start from low Z-depth and look how the chips are. If they are ‘snowflakes’ and not melting, go ahead.
On the desktop-cnc I’m using 3.175 mm bit quite fast and go down on acrylic at a bit half of the bit diameter.
Honestly, on a slow machine like the Maslow I don’t know how I would approach this.
Maybe creating a .nc with 10 small cuts at different depths and speed and going for the best “snowflake”,

Kind regards, Gero


Thanks for the feedback, I bought the machine and will be here in a couple of days I’ll try and come back with an answer. Hope is a fine one

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I recently did this:

  • 10k rpm
  • 1/8" double flute up cut
  • Default feed rate from web control
  • 1/8" material, single pass

No chips, ended up with a melty blob on my bit but it worked well enough for the part to be usable. My recommendations:

  • Get a single flute bit
  • Try to increase feed rate

Now that I’m thinking about it it also might not be too hard to make an adapter for a dremel tool. Those handle smaller bits and can do much lower RPMs. That might be a good solution for plastics.


Please try the following settings

  • 30 in/min

  • 10.000 RPM

  • O Flute Router Bit

  • 1/2 Bit diameter depth per pass

  • Follow Gero recommendations :slight_smile:


cast acrylic is the easiest to cut. I’ve never had much luck with extruded acrylic and it smells horrible too when it melts.

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great, my machine is coming is this week. next week I’ll have an answer

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