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Anyone tired milling acrylic yet?

I have a project that calls for me to make some simple cuts in acrylic but there is some engraving that I was going to send it out for but I was curious if anyone has played with this material yet? My concern is spindle speeds and other settings causing melting or causing build up on the bit.

I typed “acrylic” into the forum search and found several topics with good experience documented.


This was a project from last year I cut and carved on a 3/4" acrylic.

And here is a Project from couple weeks ago

10000 RPM with a single flute bit.


Another one from last year…this one was a project for my brother, I made 20 of this and send it down to Brazil
My Brother added the sticker as I could not carve that.


10000 RPM with a engraving bit


Some really nice projects! Thanks for sharing