Adirondack chair

Yes that should work great thank you!

Interesting topic, here are some thoughts:
I would make a chair out of ACX 1/2" ply, it’s made for outdoors and very sturdy and takes staining or painting well.
These chairs are designed to be hand cut, lots of straight lines.
I would come up with a design that is a bit more elegant, there is a cool video of a rockler challenge, with some clever chair designs that still look like Adirondack, but improve on the design.

Also, I would cut it out of a full sheet with 1/4" bit and then use a round over bit on the same path, so you don’t have to sand much and get a really nice milled look. Screw holes should be cut as well, but cnc joinery would be even better.
Once we have that deck built, I’ll give the design a try…
There are probably some cool designs out there in 3D warehouse for SketchUp.