Tool tote sawhorse

This is a new thread for the tool tote sawhorse that @bar requested. I have calculated the measurements for 3/4 in plywood. I also did all the joints as butt joints instead of the sophisticated joinery that was shown. I would suggest either adding extra wood as a guide around the upright or adding an extra bolt to give two anchor points. Here is a photo of the project and the onshape file. Also attached is the onshape link. You can either copy it or send me a request to be added as a contributor. Please upload your contributions so we can make this a team effort.

Here is the onshape file link:



I’ve been working on a version which uses the tnuts as connectors:

I can’t post a link from my phone, but I will


It looks great. That will make it stronger and easier to assemble. Your sawhorse makes mine look like it was drawn with a crayon. But it is only my second thing that I have designed with onshape. I have a lot to learn.

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I like my sawhorses with no metal parts at the top, so that if you saw too deep, you just ruin the sawhorse, not the sawblade.


I agree with that. With bars version, you can glue it up and just use the t nuts as clamps until the glue dries and then take them out.

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@bar can you upload your onshape link so that I can learn from a pro. Also, how did you do that joinery with the lapped joints.


I skipped the lapped joints also in favor of using T-nuts to join the edges


So true! Also, it’s easy to cut out replacement parts for after you’ve zipped through your sawhorse a few times…:sunglasses:

1 Like bar made a video of this build.

Can you do a video on how to do the references to the dog bones and t nut slots ?


Yes! I will make one! 12345678910