Double Deck Chair

A couple of weeks ago my toughter asked me, whether we can build a deck chair. “Since we have a MaslowCNC, yes!”, I replied.

I’m impressed how accurate the parts have been milled and how they fit together (no screws were used for the base frame). The wood I used has a nice look und is cheap. On the other hand it’s not well suited for outdoor use. :roll_eyes:

Get the files on:


That looks fantastic! Nice work!

@kurt Welcome to the forum! Great idea! Maybe you could put a few coats of sealer on it and put it out by the pool and sunbathe while you work :wink:

Willkommen imForum @kurt!
Cool Double Deck Chair that is. Need to copy that, the Header.dxf does not download :wink:

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Mit freundlichen Gruessen, Gero

Thank you @Gero :slight_smile:

This morning thingiverse drove me nuts. So no surprise that something went wrong. Try it again. It should work now.

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Great design! for the slats, did you just screw into the chipboard, or is there a separate piece that is unseen?

This chair would also be great with

Yes, the screws go directly into the board.

Thanks. Any worry of them pulling out? I suspect that there is no force on them that would disturb the slats. Did you also glue them?

No, the slats are just screwed down. We’ll see how long that lasts. :wink:

Wow, I was wondering the same thing. And you were able to get good holding power and now have the screws break out going in edgewise like that to chipboard and then stressing it with weight?

The chair looks great!


Edit: Looks like Keith beat me to it and you already answered this one :wink:

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my guess is that the screws aren’t actually getting much pullout force on them.
There is enough of a curve that they aren’t going to get levered out the way
they would if the sides were flat. the force will be mostly sideways to the

David Lang

Is it strong enough???

Yes, still in use. By now no over 100kg guy tested it. :wink:


You could also glue and screw the slates with a good quality outdoor glue and if everthing was sealed real well weather wouldn’t be a problem.

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Glue works fine as long as you don’t want to move the object. :wink: