Advice needed for Scaled down Maslow project

I have come to the conclusion that until I get my own dedicated workshop space. I need to scale down the Maslow frame and cutting area (1200*600mm)
I’ve done a sketch which shows an adapted old architect’s drawing board which I think will work and which means I can make it mobile store it more vertically.
I’m looking for some advice before I go down this road.
In particular my A and B dins - there must be a max/min angle to keep the chain within.
What does the brains trust reckon?

Hi there, you might want to take a look at this python script from David →
By changing line 14 (width,height) a picture is created giving you an estimate of the usable cutting area in the white part.

Kind regards, Gero


I knew I learned python for a reason!
Loaded script into Pythonista (on the iPad). Ran fine after correcting some syntax around ‘print’ statements.
Got my proportions settled and ready to build my re-purposed architect’s drawing board/vertical cnc!
Now to find an old drawing board… they are so large I have already had to dispose of a few in the past.
Time for some gumtree searching.

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there are a lot of threads on the topic of building a small maslow, and in
addition to the simple v-plotter script there is a google sheets doc tht lets
you put in machine dimensions and see what the min and max forces on the chains

you want the max force to not exceed the stock max force, and the min force
should significantly beat the stock min force (look at the min force for a 12’
top beam to see the improvements that many people recommend)

I could dig up the link and post it here, but I think you should read some of
the prior discussions or you will end up asking the same questions :slight_smile:

David Lang

Thanks Dlang!
Yup will need to bone up on what has been already learned.
Will start the trawl…