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Alguien en España

El anillo que puedes hacer más grande. Hay una configuración en GroudControl llamada Hay una configuración en GroudControl llamada radio de rotación (rotation radius).
Para el tablero necesita encontrar a alguien para hacerlo. Los archivos y la lista de materiales están aquí.
El firware ya es compatible con el tablero. Lo intentaré mañana y te lo haré saber.

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Since people seem to be interested in the translations:

Good afternoon from Spain (Salamanca), who can guide me on the maximum weight with which the engines work correctly, I bought a milling machine with the idea of putting it on the sled but it seems heavy, it is a CMT milling machine mod. CMT7E of 2400W. maybe if it weighs enough you do not need to put counterweights

Hi, the CMT7E 2400W is not an ideal router.

  1. 6 kg (compared to Ridgid R22002 ~ 4.5 kg)
    This weight will be close to the limits. If you follow that path, I recommend TLE5206 for motors and a power supply with 12V / 10A (against the standard 12V / ~ 5A)

  2. Base plate of 180 mm diameter (vs. Ridgid R22002 ~ 152.4 mm)
    The standard ring for the chain supports will not work.
    I would need a larger ring, or metal-top-pantograph-kit or maslow-triangulation-linkage-kit.

Remember that the chain mount will be at the top of the sled, so check if you can remove the handles or if you have a large enough kit.

Thank you very much Gero, I sincerely appreciate your answer, making a larger ring is not a problem for me, as long as it is not an inconvenience when configuring the machine, I do not know if changing the size of the ring can be configured without problems
On the other hand, I am also concerned about the issue of the board and power supply, where can I get it and what problems can the firmware and configuration give?

Has anyone already set up Maslow with these changes?

I hope to have my Maslow soon, and if I prepare it well from the beginning it will be easier for it to work well.

I trust a lot in this community,

Thank you very much, you are always there.

The ring that you can make bigger. There is a configuration in GroudControl called radius of rotation (rotation radius).
For the board you need to find someone to do it. The files and the list of materials are here.
The firware is already compatible with the board. I’ll try tomorrow and I’ll let you know.


Muchas gracias Gero, so I just need someone that make me the TLE5206, and I can follow the instructions of Maslow´s web like if it was the original? or I need to make any change more?


¡Vamos amigo!

Yes. I will run the TLE5206 and test it with firmware 1.15 today.
Hope to see some pictures of your Maslow soon.


thank you Gero. awesome work. I´m some discouraged, cause a don´t find someone that make me the TLE5206
would be difficult you send me one if you have easy get one? I´ll pay you before you send it me, I´ll be very gratefully, this project mean much for me, and I´d like to begin making things good. The idea is grown together like the community that we are, and share all our progress. I want start on the step 2, where the project is advance.


From Bahrain I can’t help. Check for online service like this one eurocircuits.
Or maybe you know someone with a small cnc who can cut it. The parts you can get from Arrow. They have branches in Europe.


thanks Gero, I´m sorry if i´ve bothered you, excuse me. I´ll try


Estoy ultimando los detalles para ver como montaré mi Maslow cuando llegue, creo que montaré las cadenas para que se deslicen por la parte de arriba del marco, ¿eso es complicado a la hora de configurar la máquina?

Giggle translate:
I’m finalizing the details to see how I’ll mount my Maslow when it arrives, I think I’ll mount the chains so that they slide through the top of the frame, is that complicated when it comes to setting up the machine?

This is a good source for different chain paths:

Que tal, yo use el grande por default, y el único problema que tengo es que la cadena al bajar mucho se brinca dientes uno o dos, pero eso basta para que los cortes sean muy malos, el problema está en los resortes ya que no ejercen la fuerza necesaria en el recorrido para tensar la del lado contrario al que carga el router, supongo que ese problema no lo tiene el original grande ya que usa contrapesos y además hay unas guías en el community gardenia y de momento no he hecho unas guías para el default frame, y logré calibrar bien la máquina y los cortes son muy precisos, encargaré unas brocas ya que uso de dos filos y son muy ruidosas, te comento también que aunque el router sea muy fuerte o con poder, es mejor cortar de 3 o 4 mm ya que la velocidad del gcontrol aunque le ponga más lento el traslado de corte por pies la velocidad es constante en 30"xmin y es muy rápido aún para las revoluciones del router que uso

Many solutions on chain guides are found with giggle :wink:

Wait, mine are found on rank 5 at duckduck, so use that one :slight_smile:

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ok I will try with this, the tooth jumps in the marked position I expect functions.


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Ok i do this, only for check cuts, and the cuts are perfect


Nice chair!

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@HugoCas did you make that chair? It is beautiful!

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buy the dxf on etsy. the court with maslow


Great work! It looks fantastic :grinning:


chulísima esta silla, sin el niño parace mas grande, pero supongo que el tamaño se puede modificar en algún momento del diseño, ¿no?

en(Google): very cool this chair, without the child seems bigger, but I guess the size can be modified at some point in the design, right?

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Por fin, después de meses de espera I GOT MY MASLOW, despues de papeleos y tener que pagar uno 125€ en concepto de IVA, y gastos de aduana, que son gastos que nadie me había advertido. Pero por fin está en casa, ahora solo necesito tiempo, que de momento no tengo, para empezar a armarlo.

Veremos como va

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es bueno ver que lo hizo. Manténganos informados sobre cómo va su construcción.