Are 11ppr motors too much resolution

Looking to source the motors from another company instead of Etonm. I’ve had many issues with them, thier latest price increase is just more of an incentive.

Getting similar motors doesn’t seem to be hard, but getting the exact same encoders seems to be difficult. Aslong sells same motor but with 11ppr encoder. From what I understand that is overkill. I want to know if sending 50% more data will be bad for the arduinio. Maybe too much data will slow it down?

same gear ratio? The stock motors end up providing ~8k pulses per rev of the
output shaft, we ‘need’ somewhere around 2-4k. going to ~12k isn’t that much
worse and the arduino should easily keep up with it at the speed these motors

the other thing to check is the draw of the motors, the maslow shield does not
have a lot of headroom, so if the motors draw more than 2A you could have

David Lang

I vaguely remember trying some and running into some issues with the shorter pulses being susceptible to RF interference, but it’s a very vague memory so don’t take it too onerously. That’s the only reason that I can think it might be an issue. Other than that I think that the 11ppr might actually be better.

yes they are basically the exact same motor, with a different encoder on the end. Aslong actually quoted me a higher price than Etonm the other day. there quote before the pandemic was much lower and I was just assuming it would be a bette price.

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thanks for response, aslong raised their prices so I might just stick with Etonm. Their terms are never the same and change with every sales rep I speak to. They didn’t want to sell anything below $10,000 a year ago now they seem open to smaller orders. Maybe the pandemic effected sales and they aren’t so stuck up anymore.

edited to add current price is $16.5 per x/y motor and $10.60 per z motor (Twice as powerful as original z) shiupping for 120 kits worth is $1574. which makes per kit price of $56.72 for the 3 motors in each kit.

Aug 2020 the xy motors were only $13.99 each. 18% price increase

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