How many motor ports?

Hi there,

I’m still awaiting the arrival of my kit, so am trying to resolve some problems that I can see cropping up when it comes.

Firstly after pulling the router apart that I intend to use (Erbauer ERB380ROU) I realise that the z axis adjuster has only a 17mm range. This makes the stock z axis kit fairly useless as I will need around 20mm of range to cut the 18mm sheet thickness that is standard in the UK.

Does the Arduino shield have a spare z axis port (some images on the site appear to imply this) and if so can these ports be cloned. if this is the case I could buy a second z axis kit and rig up a pair of motors and have them both drive the hand mounts of the router.

This would increase my z range to around 60mm and would go a long way to converting my current sad face into one of unbridled joy.

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The current shield has only 3 ports. The might be still images out there showing the first shield, that had 4.


Thanks Gero, although you have only made my expression sadder :wink:

This is a shame as the H bridge appears to have and unused channel.

Another solution would be drive either hand mount by separate a stepper motor.

Can anyone direct me to which pins of the Mega are used to drive the Z axis ?

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Is there no chance to mod that fine adjustment knob? Did you find a part list with an explosian view of the router? The Maslow firmware does not drive stepper motors. What you think of trying seems far to complicated for me. No other router option or go with a spindle?

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I would build a dual belt drive to 2 lead screws - 2 sides 1 motor. Problem solved


Thank you


Hi Gero,

I’ve dismantled the router (the manufacturer would not supply the exploded diagram) sadly the adjuster mechanism only has just over 17mm of thread and one half is made from Plastic. I suppose I could try to turn a replacement one in steel, but I’m not sure that I would ever get much more than 20mm and it would involve quite a lot of work.

I just thought 2 motor would be a better solution :- more z range, and better control of the z axis than one offset motor.

You are probably correct though Gero. Thanks.

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Take a look at what folks have done with the Bosch 1200 router - that’s a dual-post plunge router much like yours. They drive one side and it works well, maybe a similar mechanism would work for you.


Not a bad idea, Bee. I’ll throw that into the pot!

I’ll check that out too, blurfl.

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Take a look at the bosch pof 1200 tread, maybe you can whip up something simlar.
2 motors doing identical things just seems like a too complicated solution for a problem that should be solved mechanically. That way you don’t have to change the software.


You’re probably right Dag83, I was hoping to solve it with a parallel motor set up, dodge having to make a custom part drive the router evenly on both posts. I guess I’m going to have to fire up the lathe and make swarf!

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