Are kits still available?

I wanted to order a kit, but the banner across the top of the page seems to indicate that they might not be available anymore. Is the store set up to stop accepting orders when they are all sold, or will it allow me to place an order and then not get shipment of it until they decide to order a new parts shipment again? I’d rather not pay now if I cant get it for 6+ months

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Good question. I just ordered my kit the other day and am now wondering the same thing. I know in the past the store was set up to show items as not available. They are pretty on the ball with updates and notifications so if they were out of stock on kits I would think they would have at least changed the banner to reflect that by now. It would be pretty disingenuous to take orders with an open ended delivery date and leave people hanging. From what I have seen though that’s not the style of the people who are running this so I doubt that’s what’s happening. Hopefully there is a respnse soon.


Yes! An order placed now will ship towards the end of the month :grinning:

We’ll take the kit down from the store as soon as it sells out :+1:

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Thanks Bar !!!

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