Any update on shipping product this month?

Hadn’t heard anything about the shipping of the kits for those of us who ordered in March. Any updates?

Yes! We’ll go into all the details in the weekly update on Wednesday but the short version is that we FINALLY got out motors released by customs this morning and on to a truck headed north from LA, hopefully they will be here by tomorrow (but more likely to be delivered Wednesday) so we can start packing boxes.

We’ve got everything else ready and laid out on tables over at Exceed (the local nonprofit we are working with) so they will hopefully go out pretty quick once we’re started.

We’re really sorry for the delay. We’ve never had anything taken by customs before (only 2% of goods get inspected). All our taxes were paid and everything was declared properly, but it still sat in their warehouse for two weeks before it got the stamp of approval to move on! It’s been a learning experience for us for sure :grinning:

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I’m sure you’re super eager to do it all over again :slight_smile: , but I’m also curious if there’s a status on how new orders will be handled? (I’m a pending buyer)

@megashub Our #1 priority right now is getting all the batch two machines out, but as soon as we’ve got everyone in batch two taken care of we’ll start batch three. We haven’t forgotten about you guys :wink:

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Makes total sense. If I was in batch 2, I would definitely appreciate that. :slight_smile: Keep up the great work!

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So given you’re now experts on the whole supply chain and shipping thing, would you be able to provide a guesstimate on the release of batch 3?

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I’m not sure which batch I am on - or any at all. I have put my name on the list and payed my dollar around August from memory. Does that mean I am in a batch, or do I need to pay in full to be in a batch???

Steve Landreth

What order number are you at the end of batch 2?
I placed my order on June 20

I’m not sure which batch I’m in - order #00791.

@megashub Thanks!! :grinning:

@brett @Ttitobob It seems like whenever I make a guess with an actual date I end up regretting it, but here’s a answer. Batch two took about half as much time to get out as batch one and we are hoping that we can get batch three out twice as fast again. There are a couple things we’re doing to make that happen. The first is working with Exceed to do the packaging of the parts. When it was just Hannah and I filling boxes it took forever and we had a literal feud going with the postman because every time he came to pick up from us we would fill his van and he had to go back to the main office which made him late for the rest of his rounds. Exceed has a whole team of people who can help, and the big USPS truck goes there to get loaded with a forklift. Another thing which we are taking advantage of to get batch three out quickly is that we now have good relationships with all of the companies which make our parts. Some parts like the motors take 6 weeks to make because they need to set up the tooling for us. Now that we have a good relationship with them they are willing to start production before we actually place the order so most of the parts for batch three are already being made which is wonderful.

I’m sorry I can’t give an exact date, but I hope you guys know that we’re trying to get them to you as soon as humanly possible

@Landreth65 @leighbrooks The way the system is set up is that if you have paid $1 it saves your place in the queue which right now is for batch three. We did it this way because we want to make sure we can get to everyone in an orderly way instead of just having a free for all with each batch. If you have paid $1 at this point you are up next. As soon as we have taken care of everyone in batch one we will send out an email to you with a secret link to order. We’re working towards being able to have inventory in stock so you can just go to the website and buy a kit directly, but we just don’t have the money to buy all the parts up front, then resell them unless we did really small batches (but then everyone would have to wait even longer). If you have already paid the full price, you are in batch two and you should expect to get a kit in the mail very soon!

Thank you for bearing with us everyone! We’re doing absolutely everything we can to get you guys kits!

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This is outstanding news! :slight_smile:

I paid $1 to be in Batch 2, but when my time rolled around to purchase, I didn’t have the funds available. Will I be eligible to buy in Batch 3, or do I need to buy back in again at $1?

:grin: You are ABSOLUTELY eligible to be in batch three. We only take people off the waiting list when they buy a kit so you are probably at the very front now

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Thanks! I recall paying the full price, but could not find an email record - It has been a while and I didn’t recall exactly how the transaction went!

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@leighbrooks We’ve got you down as fully paid and in batch two! :grin: