Are the distance errors consistent?

Newb sans machine question. I’ve seen multiple posts about increasing errors the farther you go from center. I’m not as concerned with the error as I am with good cuts. I.e. Will it cut the same slightly off circle for each pass or would each pass be off a little, resulting in a bad cut?

Thanks all! I’m learning tons just by lurking while waiting on shipment!

The errors are consistant. It’s not a matter of loosing pulses that cause
everything after that point to be off (the way stepper based systems tend to run
into errors), it’s that the calculated position and the acutal position aren’t
the same, but the math is consistant, so the errors are perfectly repeatable.


does the new add on triangulation linkage fixture eliminate the position errors? (different math?)

The triangulation linkage fixture goes a LONG way towards fixing the issue in my experience. I would highly recommend it. We’re still optimizing the automatic calibration process for the triangular system so we’ll probably see even more improvement in the next few weeks with software updates

Hi, I have noticed the following after calibration.
From top left to right. LHS 0, Centre +11mm, RHS +3mm.
From top left to bottom left. Top 0, Centre 0, Bottom 0.
From bottom left to right. LHS 0, Centre +6mm, RHS +3mm.
Any thoughts on what might cause this and how it can be fixed?

errors are not consistant across the work area due to the geometry of the
machine, you need to go backand re-do the calibration, paying
very careful attention to the measurements.

make sure you are runing the latest versions of GC and the firmware.

David Lang