Cuts consistently 5mm short in height regardless of size but not in width

I’m running into an issue Im not sure what to do with:

I cut 3 test squares, 150mm, 300mm, 450mm tall
each of them was 5mm short in height, BUT their width is correct.

the gcode is simple enough to manually check. It looks correct. When I cut squares the difference between X coordinates was the same as diff between Y coordinates, so it should be square.

the offset doesnt seem to be proportional to size, it’s just consistent. What could this be?

That seems very strange to me. Could it be wobble in the router bit? With the router off if you try to move the router bit with your fingers does it feel secure or does it wobble?

unfortunantly lots of things :frowning:

first off, your error is probably not going to be the same in all parts of the

This is a common problem if the distance between the motors is slightly wrong,
or if the length of the chains is slightly wrong (incorrect chain slop,
incorrect rotation radius, or incorrect chain sag)

see the discussions on triangulation calibration for the ongoing discussion on
how to be more accurate.

In the meantime, you can re-check your calibration measurements and post what
your machine settings are (from the .ini file)

David Lang

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router bit is pretty stable

thanks, I need to learn calibration stuff anyways. Chuck (very active here, forget what username he uses) calibrated it 2x just a couple days ago. we had the same problem before as well. however that doesn’t mean measurements weren’t sloppy. When the machine isnt in use I’ll go through the calibration stuff myself and see what I come up with.