Assembly Guide Step 3 - Problem with pip & installing Pyserial and Kivy

I am going through the setup guide, step #3: I have installed Python, and until now things were running smoothly.

The next step, installing pyserial is proving to be a problem. As per the directions, I typed “python -m pip install pyserial” in the command Prompt. The result is a message “No module named pip”.

I am using Python 2.7.14, and it says there is Pip automatically installed…What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance for your Response,

Hello @J19L82B, welcome!
Which operating system are you using? The answer “sorta depends” :grin: on that.


Whoops…should have mentioned that.

Windows 10.

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That’s OK. Under Windows, you could choose to forego installing pip and all if you want to run the Windows release versions. Every two weeks a new release is posted here. Download the ‘’ file, extract the contents to someplace like your home directory, or Documents, and look for the ‘Launch Ground Control.bat’ file in one of the folders inside. Run that and you’re up and running with the latest and greatest!

If you want to use the development versions, you will need to get pip going, though. I’m not your best resource for that, lets see if one of the Windows mavens jumps in with some advice on that. :grin:

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I like the first method and will see were I go…now to building the frame.

Thanks for your prompt responses.