Problem with implementing Ground Control on Raspberry Pi

I’m attempting to follow the instructions for ‘Installing Ground Control’ is the Assembly Guide. I’m trying to install Ground Control on a Raspberry Pi 3B+. I follow Step 1 to download the KivyPie zip file (v 1.0) to my Windows 10 PC. I use Etcher to transfer the zip file to the SD disc. After the transfer, I can view the SD disc in Explorer and it appears to be OK.

However, when I put the SD disc in the Raspberry Pi and connect the power, I get stuck on the ‘rainbow’ screen. The system never progresses beyond that. Has anyone else encounter this problem?

Note that I’ve also downloaded the Raspian Stretch with Desktop zip file and loaded it successfully on the Pi, but after doing all the downloading, etc for Ground Control as indicated in the Assembly Guide, running Ground Control crashes with a segmentation fault. So I’m attempting to use the KivyPie download to avoid the problems with trying to modify Stretch.

Any help/thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.

It appears that the latest KivyPie image is not compatible with the 3B+

I have thrown some time at installing it on Raspian Stretch with no success as well.

I think @Bee has it running on Ubuntu.

Yes - I have the current GC running on my Ubuntu image after updating Kivy to deal with the new Pillow requirements.

Thank you

Is it possible to share a working Rasp pi 3 or 3+ image so people can just download it and clone it onto their micro SD card so they can be quickly be up and running. It would save raspberry pi Noobs like me a lot of time figuring out how to install all the software.
perhaps using google drive or dropbox or some other free service? any help greatly appreciated!

Have you seen this?

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Check out this thread for the open beta web-based ground control:

It was developed on using the raspberry pi and there is an image available.

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