Best texts/fonts for maslow

What is the best way to get text into a svg file?
Are there any good sources of cnc friendly fonts, both for cutouts and engraving?

Fonts are fonts. It depends on the cut you are making and the bit you are using.

The combination makes for a good match or not. In a bad match the bit is too large for for small features and will over run parts of the cut blowing out detail and ultimately look bad. You can generate your Gcode and then try visualizing it a Gcode viewer like Camotics before trying it in the real world.


Thank you

I use Inkscape to add fonts and for svg editing

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Take a look at Stencil fonts, as they keep pieces of the letter linked to the wood panel. It’s always better than looking for them in the vacuum hose :wink: or think about drawing small paths in the closed forms of your vectorized fonts.
You can find stencil type here: