First Time Project Help

I have a project I am trying to do for my school sign. I want cut out the logo and put it up on my building. However I am really struggling on where to start. I tried just the letters of the logo on the “inkscape” website, but I am sort of lost. I also couldn’t find all of the fonts I needed on there.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start? I know the project is a little ambitious for a newbie, but it was the main reason for buying the Maslow unit.

Here is a link to the file I am trying to work with. It is a Adobe Illustrator file.

when you import it to inkscape, uncheck the font box and it imported for me. What else were you trying to do?

Basically I wanted to take the Logo with the names only and just test it out with a very shallow cut into the back board of my frame. Something like a 16th of an inch. I figured I would start there, then experiment on changing the design until I was ready to cut it out of an actual board. From there, I was considering moving to some type of acrylic board so I could make it back lit.

So I guess, once I import it, where do I go from there?

vague answer: it depends…

common answer: save the svg file and open it in estlecam, makercam, easel, carbide create, or another gcode generating program after you have the svg.

what I do (I’m in the minority): generage gcode from inkscape directly. it has some issues I’m used to, but it works. I do everything in mm.