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Bolt Together Maslow Frame

I found the lock washers and screws supposed to be used for it. They sure are tiny. Sorry for the trouble >< am I correct to assume that I’m supposed to put the wood screws in the bearings from bag 2 for attaching in the middle of the top beam? The provided screws are too large to fit inside these bearings.

IIRC, the bearings are mounted on S-hooks. The other end of the S-hooks go thru the last link in your chain. The bungee or cord loops around the bearing and then is arranged to provide tension by way of the elasticity of the bungee or using weights.

Someone correct me if I got this wrong; it’s been a while since my build.

stock, one end of the s-hook goes to the elastic, the other side goes through
the center of the small sprockets that don’t have a hub.

if you look at the post I made about one way to do weights, you will see the
clothsline pulley’s I picked up at home depot to use instead.

they have the advantage that they don’t fall off if there is too much slack :slight_smile:

David Lang