Brand New, Still in Box, Maslow for Sale in Australia - SOLD :)

Brand New, Still in Box, Maslow for Sale in Australia.

No Z-axis. In Sydney.

$50 off purchase price + postage.

Please contact me if you’re interested. The reason I’m selling is I haven’t been able to find the space to set it up.

interested but new to forum so im not sure on how to pm :confused:

Hi Dom, I got your message. Are you in Sydney? Would be happy to share more details

I am not i was wondering if i could pay to have shipped to Michigan?

Hi AJM - I’m in Westmead - if you haven’t sold it yet?

Is the Maslow still available and how much. I am in Drummoyne, Sydney.

Hi all, yes, it is still available. To get the Maslow to Australia + the Maslow, I have paid $560AUD to date. It is still in the box, unopened. I just won’t be able to use it as I don’t have the space I had hoped for. Happy to sell within Australia. Sorry @dompablo. A :slight_smile:

Yes, see below . Let me know if you have any questions. A

Hi, yeah it’s still available. Let me know if you’re still interested. A

Still interested - where & when?

Where are you located and when could it be picked up?

@dlps73 @con6056 It is available now, however I am away until next week. Im based in Paddington.

No problem, let me know your address and when you’re available

Thats ok let me know when you get back. I’m at Drummoyne.

@dlps73 @con6056.
Hi both,
I am back home and have the Maslow CNC and am available for you to pick it up on Monday. Doug, you have first dibs on the router as you posted first, but if you are no longer keen, Kevin, its all yours.

$560 Cash on pick up. Cheers. A

OK - See you Monday - just need the address

Send it offline or via PM, don’t want the swamprats showing up

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Hi AJM - my email is [email address deleted]

We should make this a warning in every post…

Don’t post your email address in a open forum, use a PM instead. It’s already been skimmed by spammers. You’ll be receiving a lot more body part enhancement, cheap pharmaceutical, and invites from (supposedly) lonely ladies wanting to help you exercise after you send them your credit card number emails soon. Don’t send your bank account number to the businessman (prince, govt official, etc) needing help to get his money out of one of several countries, and FedEx and Netflix don’t really want you to use the conveniently provided link to update your payment info

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Hi @mooselake,
Neiter of us could find the PM function.
Can you enlighten us?