BTW - Not sure if we should limit the number of posts

FYI - I’m on an Iphone 10 and the “new stock frame design” thread crashes around post 750. No matter how many times I attempted it. I know there are a few posts with very heavy graphics and several files attached.

Thank you

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Bee, are you using the discourse app for iOS or loading the forum in a browser?

I’m following along on that thread using the discourse app on an old Moto G4 without issue so if you are not using the app, I recommend it!

Not on the app. In a browser. Perhaps I will fire up my moto g for the app. Still the broswer should reload. As I scroll the the information stops and I get outlines then it backs up to the same point around post 700.

Thank you

This is a javascript driven page, as you scroll up and down it needs to load
more of the posts (it doesn’t load them all at once), and with the long posts it
can take some time to load

the last number in the URL is the post number, so you can edit that if you know
what post you want to go to

793 is the start of my last batch of instructions


The website is down error 502 bad gateway.

Thank you



What website are you talking about?

Also, I avoid Safari like the plague. (Well, iOS in general, but also on OSX) I would recommend getting Chrome for your iOS device if you’re not using it already.

I agree on IOS & safari. I do have Chrome but Safari is the default browser. I think it’s safe to say this is a resource allocation issue. It however should be handled by discourse, cutting out 1 out of 10 users is significant. Back when Mac was 2% the argument was valid 10% is conservative but I’m not willing discuss less than whole numbers. I’m using Mac and IOS synonymously here. My point is it’s a browser based product. This is an unusually large thread. I will say I like Discourse, it has made a huge difference in communication in my life. I appreciate what you are doing for our community.

Edit: yes the site down - I was talking with David and both of us were seeing the 502 error from different locations and providers. I used to work where David lives. The issue was intermittent for around 30 min.

Thank you