Calibration Freezing at Point 98

Fully built M4, running the “temp” Firmware to overcome the power retract issue.

Belts will retract all now, and extend to corner points so all good.

Frame size set to 1650/850 with 200 offset, so will not overlap and cause issues

Running calibration get the following tail of output then everything … stops …!! Doesn’t move, fans running and amber lights on motor points keep coming on occasionally but nothing else happens. If I try and reload the webpage I get an error that I can’t do that while moving (which it isn’t…!)

[MSG:INFO: Point: 91(625, -150)]
[MSG:INFO: Point: 92(625, -100)]
[MSG:INFO: Point: 93(625, -50)]
[MSG:INFO: Point: 94(625, 0)]
[MSG:INFO: Point: 95(625, 50)]
[MSG:INFO: Point: 96(625, 100)]
[MSG:INFO: Point: 97(625, 150)]
[MSG:INFO: Point: 98(625, 200)]

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That sounds like what is happening is that the machine has sent the data for the calibration to the computer to be computed and it hasn’t gotten an answer back.

You aren’t the first person to see something like that (although I thought that I fixed it in the version that you are running).

I think that it could maybe be related to the computer falling asleep…but I don’t see why.

Let me get you a version which will let you run the calibration process with just 4 points so that it’s faster to test.

I’m also going to make that data handoff more robust so if the machine sends data and doesn’t get a response it will keep sending the data over and over until it does get a response.

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Bit further now and it is doing a retract to bottom right and then stops.

Output is

MSG:INFO: Point: 96(525, 54)]
[MSG:INFO: Point: 97(525, 81)]
[MSG:INFO: Point: 98(525, 108)]
[MSG:INFO: Took measurement at waypoint 0]

Fans still running but no movement for 5 mins and belts remain slack :cry:

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I made some improvements to how the system works and more are on the way. If you have a chance, give this firmware update a try:

And feel free to use a smaller number of calibration points to test so that you don’t have to wait so long for the whole process to run.

I’ve just added an even more updated version to that thread which will make the data handoff at the end of the calibration process more robust :grinning:

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