Can I jog through the Gcode in order to recut a portion of a larger overall project? (What are these buttons in GC for?)

Can anyone explain what these buttons in GroundControl are supposed to do? I’ve got a large project (4 hours of cutting on one 4x8 sheet) and invariably I have issues at some point and some areas should be cut again. I had assumed that those buttons may allow me to jog through the Gcode until I got to the section that needed to be recut, then start from there. But those buttons don’t seem to do anything for me.
Is there another way to do what i want?

I got the answer on the Facebook forum. Short answer is that those buttons do what I expected. “<1” and “1>” jog one Gcode line at a time. “<Z” and “Z>” jog ahead to the next Z axis depth change (red dots).

The confusion is caused because the UI sucks. When you click one of the buttons, a Black position cursor will flash for a split second in the Preview area to show where you’ve jogged to, but then it disappears again so you have no reference point. And if you missed seeing the flash, it seems that the buttons are doing nothing at all.