Ground Control "<Z" and "Z>" buttons--what do they do?

I can’t find any firm documentation on what the “<Z” and “Z>” buttons do in ground control. (the ones on either side of the “goto” button.

The user guide talks about the “<1” and “1>” buttons as going to the prior or next line of G-code.
Also, the user guide talks about “<10” and “10>” buttons, which no longer appear, as going 10 lines forward or backward 10 lines of code.
The “Z” buttons are now in the previous location of the “10” buttons.
Do they advance or reverse the G-code as well? by how much?


Great question, those are a little unclear

Exactly, they jump ahead or back to the next Z axis move which can be useful because z-axis moves are usually G1 commands which make them a safe place to start, and you can skip ahead to the next piece or back to the beginning of a piece



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