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Center of gravity

The new Z-Axis is up and running and I’m super happy with the z axis speed. :slight_smile: → more than 5 times faster

The sled tends to tilt away from the working area. To prevent that, I’m going to add some counterweights in the upper half of the sled. Do you agree?

Btw thanks to @MeticulousMaynard for your Design :slight_smile:


you want the chain to be at the balance point of the Z axis (relatively close
since it moves as the Z axis moves)

but you also want the chains to be parallel to the workpiece.

getting both requires either adjusting the location of the top beam or moving
the workpiece out with a spacer behind it.

David Lang


Move the ring up away from the sled?
What router is that?

Side question not related to your post: I’m considering making a sled setup similar to yours. What is the distance between your slide mounts that hold the router mounting plate? (bolted position top/bottom)?


by the way, when you say it tilts away, do you mean the top pulls away or the
bottom pulls away?

you can raise the ring away from the sled, then get a piece of angle-metal and
clam it to the end of a table and hang the sled on the top ring bracket, moving
it back and forth until it hangs straight. Then you know the height you want the
ring to be.

David Lang

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your sled is top heavy due to the very tall z axis. on the positive side your router looks like it is light. I would raise the chain guides up to about 100mm to 120mm and that should help. adding a couple of 5lb weights to the bottom would also help, but never to the top, that just makes it less stable.

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It’s a Kress spindle that was laying around. Very good and accurate, but a bit too long (äsmotor-1050-FME-1-Watt/dp/B004U5F4KW).

Let me check that dimension. :slight_smile:

The top pulls away even when the sled is idle.

so the ring is too low (too much weight high in the Z direction)

David Lang

Everyone else seems to have the right recommendations, but let me just add that the Meticulous Z-axis is a top-heavy design. You will need to raise up the ring mounting brackets more than you would with the stock setup. I have mine offset by roughly 4 inches, and I think that it’s even still a little on the low side.

Happy chip-making!


OK, I got it: Adding weight is not the first option. Raising the ring is the way to go.

Thank you guys for your support. :slight_smile:



I’m taking this thread on the fly, but can you consider moving (turning and moving down) the Z axis motor in order to install the belt closer to the base of the sled ?
This will move the gravity center closer to the sled …

You project is very interesting, I was waiting for such a project for using any type of router …

I’ve already jumped into the next version. This one is at least 100mm less tall than the original one. And good point: I’ll check if I can move the motor without creating a headache job with the assembly. :wink:

looking good. You probably do need to add some steel weights to the sled. total sled weight should be around 22-26 lbs. I made one that uses 200mm lead screws. you’d have to reduce your gantry plate from 140mm tall to around 90mm tall.