Chain guide peeler

I’ve downloaded the files for the chain guide peeler. I’m new to all this. I need recommendations on where/who to send these files to in order to have them made.

What country are you in?

I’ve had good luck with

You just want to upload the .stl files there

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I’m in the United States. Thank you, I’ll look them up.

Also, I do have the chains running parallel to the frame. And it did reduce the chain wrap a lot. Today I had a new problem of the chain slipped about 2 ft off the sprocket. I don’t think the glitches will ever end.

Are the set screws secure in the sprockets?

I’d never had that happen before. I’ll double check them tomorrow. Possible something happened during all the other incidents.

Can you posz detail shots of the motors, front/side and the rest of the setup? This should not happen even without chain guides.

To go more in detail on this, the motor shaft have a flat side. Make sure the set screws are aligned with that before tightening.

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The screw had become loose on the sprocket. Got it tightened and back in place where it should be. I’ve gotten everything taken apart right now. I’ll hook everything back up when I put the chain guide in place. But the chains are running parallel to the frame.


Do note that there is a right and left set of these guides. If you’ve installed them on the correct sides, the slots for the allen key to tighten the set screw should point towards the top center of the workspace, not down. I installed them switch the first time and thats why I added the R and L to the models.

Let me know how they work out for you. As far as I’m aware your the first person other than me to use them. I haven’t had any chain wrap or skips since. I even forgot to tighten my bungees a few times (I relax them when not using the Maslow for a few weeks) and had no problems.

Thank you! I’ll update you as soon as I have everything put back together. I’m not sure how long it’ll take them to get them to me.


I misspoke earlier. My trouble with the right and left being switched had to do with the first model being mirrored. I fixed it before I added it to the community garden, so they should only go one way. Sorry for the mixup; it’s been a little while since I last looked at this. The ol’ brain is a bit fuzzier since the second kid arrived. :sweat_smile:

Well…I’ve been gone for the past 10 days doing storm assessments for the power company in Louisiana. I’ll be putting everything back together tomorrow. Is there anything special I need to know before attaching these new pieces?

Everything will be self-aligning.

You will need to remove the sprockets and two of the four motor screws to attach the 3D printed bases. Then you need to use the sprocket rotation buttons in the calibration menu to get the flats in the shafts lined up with the slots in the 3D printed parts. Sprockets go back on and then you need to run through sprocket alignment and chain extension prompts. The 3D printed caps can be installed any time after that with common 1/4 fasteners. The holes are intentionally tight for alignment, but you may need to ream them out if the 3D printer was over-extruding.

Good luck with the install!